Our Qualified Partners

AZcredits.org partners with reputable Qualified Charitable Organizations (QCO) and Qualified Foster Charitable Organizations (QFCO) that focus on children. We have taken the guess work out of tax credit giving by providing you with a concentrated list of tax credit eligible organizations that have been vetted for stewardship, integrity, and impact. 

Private School Tax Credit Partner

School Tax Organization

One of Arizona's first STOs, Arizona Private Education Scholarship fund has been graciously serving Arizona families by providing tuition assistance for their children's private education while honoring the generosity of each donor for more than 25 years.

Public School Tax Credit Partner

Eastpointe High School

Eastpointe High School engages its students in a meaningful way in order to empower their learning journey; our mentoring program and one-on-one interactions cultivate a sense of community and success that inspires our students to earn their high school diploma and to seek a productive and fulfilling life after they graduate.

Qualified Charitable Partners

Arizona YoungLives

Mission Statement: The mission of Arizona YoungLives is to support pregnant and parenting adolescents through mentorship, community, and a life with Christ.
QCO code: 20685 

Harvest Compassion Center

Harvest Compassion Center’s mission is to provide food and clothing in a hope-filled environment to the underserved in the greater Phoenix area. Since 2011, HCC’s ‘Food Banking Reimagined’ concept has completely changed the look, feel and product of a typical food and clothing bank where over 150,000 individuals have been impacted!
QCO code: 20157

MentorKids USA
Qualified Charitable Organization

MentorKids USA is a Christian based organization that equips and empowers youth to be transformative leaders in their lives, their families, and their communities. Their vision is to help create a world where all youth reach their full God-given potential.
QCO code: 20325

Qualified Foster Care Partners

Arizona Baptist Children's Services & Family Minitries

Providing hope and care to hurting children and families through Christ-centered ministries.
QFCO code: 10007

Firm Foundation Youth Homes

Our vision is to see children that have been abused, abandoned, and neglected raised in an environment where they are shown honor, respect, grace, and truth. Our goal is to end the cycle of trauma in their lives by giving these children a foundation of trust in their hearts that they can use to create healthy relationships. Our approach is by doing this one child at a time.
QFCO code: 10054

Hope & A Future

Founded in 2004, Hope & A Future serves abused and neglected children in the Arizona foster care system by helping them reach their potential and achieve their dreams. Our programs are specifically designed to support foster children who are 7 to 18 years of age and young adults who have aged out of the system. With community support, our volunteers form relationship-based connections with the children through our summer camps, life-skills training, mentoring, tutoring and college scholarship program. Through these programs, we improve foster kids’ long-term outcomes by offering hope and a brighter future.
QFCO code is 10021

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